Male hair loss: causes, treatment and prevention

Male hair loss

It’s a normal thing to loose around 50-100 hairs per day. Each hair lives in the head for 3-7 years and 90% of them stays in the growth condition, while the rest are dormant and are going to fall. Each hair follicles takes around 6 months to grow up. Most of the times the new hair continuously grow on the place of the old one, but sometimes it doesn’t happen and the hair become more and more thin. The hair loss is usually effected by the different head or scalp diseases and if you rid from them you get the healthy hair back.

Baldness ( androgenic alopecia ) is actually when the patches appear on the place of the fallen hair. And the head skin still looks healthy with no scars and dandruff. To find more information you can go on the following website,,20727114,00.html

Why the hair falls

  • you are coming to an advanced age;
  • Your relatives had the same problem;
  • Problems with hormones;
  • Mechanical damage;
  • Head injures;
  • Immune diseases;
  • Special drugs taking;
  • Surgeries effect;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle;

How to recognize

The hairline starts to move from the front to a nape, first of all the hair leaves temples and then you can see it’s gone on the vertex as well. The first sign of the coming boldness is the fact that the hair become thinner. The man can be called absolutely bold when there is no hair on the whole surface of his scalp at all.

Sometimes the hair loss is just an effect after the serious treatments or surgeries. It can be also an effect after the serious disease and to make sure about it you should contact the hair are specialist.


First of all you should make sure that the hair loss isn’t an affect of some serious disease. If there is nothing to worry about unless your hair loss then you can also ask for some good treatment that you can find on your own. And here we found for working receipts.


To fight the baldness men usually use propecia 5mg. It’s almost the same effective as Viagra, unless it’s used to fight the baldness. Finasteride is a really effective component, which is also a hormonal drug, not only fighting your baldness, but also fights the first prostatic hyperplasia symptoms. That’s why this drug isn’t suitable for women.

In normal case the pills should be taken in a dose of 1mg pill for six months. The first result is going to be visible already in 3 months. In some cases the doctors can recommend to take not less than 5 mg of propecia per day. The main cause of the men hair loss is the high amount of the dihydrosterone hormone. The huge amount of it kills the follicles so the hair goes out. Propecia is able to balance the hormone productivity so the hair growth gets normal. This medication is more than safe to use and the side-effects are rally rare, but can be shown as potency disorder, allergies  and sperm reducing.


This medication is a really good analogue of the previous one and has the same effectiveness. The only difference with the previous drug is that this one is way cheaper, that’s why the men usually buy Finpecia online. This drug effectiveness is checked by years that why everyone can tell about its perfect effect on the androgenic alopecia treating. The basic dose that should be taken is 1mg pill per day, no more. The course of treatment taking is around 6 months and during this time the hair gets less thin and absolutely stops falling.

The effectiveness of this drug is based on the Finasteride working. This component boosts testosterone that is needed for a proper hair growth and prostate health.

The main contradictions are basic: cancer, uropathy and personal intolerance. This drug is pretty tolerant with the other drug taking and any side effect disappears as soon as you stop taking the medication.


First of all your should balance your lifestyle and eating culture by adding some necessary elements as zinc, iron and vitamins. Moreover you should check your hair treatment ingredients: there should be lots of organic components and oils. Moreover it’s necessary to make sure you don’t wash your hair more than two times per week and make hair massage often to stimulate the hair follicles.

If hair loss is serious than it can be a sign of a very serious disease so you should contact a doctor.

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