Baldness in men and women

Almost half of the world’s population susceptible to early baldness. Early baldness is when there is pathological baldness at the age of 30. Early baldness can begin at any age, but usually it starts in people older than teenage age.

Causes of alopecia

Causes of alopecia1. Heredity. If You have a family all used to go bald, then most likely You too are a carrier of the gene responsible for early baldness.
2. Stress. Long-term effect of stress on the human body can lead to baldness.
3. Hormonal failure. The most common cause of baldness. This kind of baldness affects women with high levels of male hormones.
4. Infectious disease. Early baldness may occur because of the disease. Also such skin diseases as eczema, psoriasis lesions, leprosy can cause temporary hair loss. The scalp becomes soft, and the bulb of the hairs may easily fall out.
5. Early hair loss contribute to injuries, burns and permanent tension of the hair. If you constantly wear tight knotted hair, they easily fall out.
6. It is also worth considering that hair loss can be a symptom of a disease such as goiter disease, anemia, diabetes.
7. Autoimmune disease.
8. Smoking, use of alcoholic beverages.


1. Increases the number of lost hair from frontal part of the head, as well as from the top.
2. Increased hair on arms, legs and abdomen.
3. The hair is thin.

Methods of treatment

The treatment of alopecia should be comprehensive. The use of hormonal drugs (with increased male hormone levels). Hormonal medications take men and women. Important to observe the dosage, because in case of not respecting the dosage of these drugs in men may lead to deterioration of health. Hormones come in the form of sprays, gels, ointments.
The next thing is to take the drugs that “Wake up” dormant follicles. These drugs increase blood circulation and improve blood flow to the follicles. The composition of these drugs can include pepper, mustard, burdock, and vitamins necessary for nutrition of the hair follicles.
The use of drugs for improving blood circulation and nutrition to the follicles from the inside.
The most extreme and, at the same time, the most radical method is hair transplant. This method of treatment is very expensive.



If You know about genetic predisposition to early hair loss, you should take measures to prevent hair loss.

  1. Do head massage. With regular massage of the head follicles get adequate nutrition.
  2. Proper nutrition. A balanced diet will help to nourish hair follicles and the body with minerals and vitamins.
  3. Try to reduce the number of stress factors. Absolutely avoid stress to fail. But keep in mind that stress not only can lead to hair loss and harm in General. Therefore, in the period of greatest emotional stress, take anti-anxiety medications.
  4. Do the nourishing and strengthening hair mask – it will strengthen hair follicles and improve the condition of hair in General. That, in turn, will affect the appearance of the hair.
  5. Protect the hair from direct sunlight in summer and exposure to cold air in winter.
  6. Smoking, alcohol consumption disturbs the nutrition of the follicles. The hair does not get enough essential nutrients.
  7. Frequent visits to the doctor and the systematic completion of all necessary tests, will allow you to notice changes in the body at an early stage.
    All of these preventive measures will help to avoid early hair loss. Timely treatment can save you from early baldness. Spend the early prevention of hair loss. Follow all doctors ‘ orders and follow instructions when taking medications. Take care of your hair at an early age and pay attention to changes in Your body.

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